Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update: SaveDBF add-in

I have added a number of new features and fixed some minor bugs in the SaveDBF add-in:

- Some users experienced a "ghost link". Now it is removed.

- Added a Save As dialog box to give the user the ability to select their own file name and location (it still gives you a default name, and NO you CANNOT overwrite your source file).

- Better error handling, including the check of field sizes against the dBase limitations.

- Added suggestions when the User violates the dBase field naming standards.

- The add-in extends the original field size of the DBF only if the user edits an existing integer or character field and increases its length.

I will release likely the last version for the year in early October so come back and visit!

Thanks for all the suggestion!

I invested significant time and effort into developing this software.

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DOWNLOAD the new version from here OR here.

Please read the installation instructions in the PDF file!


mohd ayub said...

how i can get the full version for save dbf in 2007

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to call SaveDBF in Excel VBA 2010?

TheXLWiz said...

You currently cannot call the add-in in batch mode.

Anonymous said...

Will SaveDBF work in Excel 2013?