Tuesday, September 01, 2009

UPDATE: Save DBF in Excel 2007

I have upgraded the Excel 2007 add-in to address a few requests:

1. Now you can add/insert new fields, create calculated fields in addition to adding new records or editing existing records in your native DBF file!

2. If you start with an Excel file the software now have enhanced capabilities to determine the field types (better than Microsoft's own in earlier Excel versions).

3. The add-in checks DBase field naming conventions and also identifies duplicate fields. All problem field names are visually identified with a cell comment!

4. If you start out with a brand new file and forget to save it, the add-in will ask before the conversion.

5. Large files are supported. I edited files over 500,000 records with no problem.


- Microsoft Excel 2007 has a bug related to file names used in worksheet functions...If you experience any issues (i.e. clicking SaveDBF does not seem to work), try renaming your file to a short and sweet name and try again. An example on the nature of the problem is described here. (in case you REALLY wanted to know...)
Update: Do not use spaces or dashes (-) in the file name or in the worksheet name you are trying to convert! Better replace them with underscores (_).

I invested significant time and effort into developing this software.

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DOWNLOAD the new version from here.

Please read the installation instructions in the PDF file!

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