Wednesday, January 11, 2012

UPDATE: 64-bit Office add-in

The 64-bit version of the SAVEDBF add-in is not yet ready...:-(

Unfortunately it is a bigger undertake than we originally estimated. Replacing/recompiling the standard VBA code is relatively straightforward. However, we replaced/rewrote the entire dBase database driver from scratch in the 2011 May release as Microsoft's ACE/OLE driver was way too buggy and unreliable. That part is using a lot of non-standard and more sophisticated VBA coding that is a bit more challenging to recompile/re-write for 64-bit.

We are getting there but there will be a few months of rigorous testing. Our software has been virtually bug free since its release and would like to keep it that way!...:-)

Thanks for your patience!

PS, Microsoft themselves advise people against installing the 64-bit version of office (even on a Win7 64 bit machine) as most developers need to re-write their 32-bit apps and unless they do very basic standard VBA coding, there are things to replace/rewrite (Office 2010 VBA is called VBA 7 with different syntax, and of course we need to write one add-in that works in both environments for now).

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