Monday, March 28, 2011

SaveDBF Excel addin - New Version is Now Available!

In addition to bug fixes, here are the highlights of the new added features:
  • Tested with the latest Excel 2010 on Windows XP/Vista and Win 7 (also with Excel 2007).
  • Replaced the Microsoft database driver with my own that creates native binary DBF files. MS is slowly phasing out the DBF capabilities in its driver and this step had to be made sooner or later. No relying on MS database features anymore!
  • Added the option to over-write the original DBF file (a backup is created).
  • Added the option to auto-fix column names in an Excel file (this is limited to removing leading and trailing spaces automatically and replacing illegal characters with an underscore).
  • Added the option to convert an Excel file to ALL TEXT fields based on the width of the columns. This is a great feature for labeling programs.
  • There are no longer any issues with dashes/spaces etc in the file name or worksheet tab name! Any names are allowed.
  • Excel files that contain error values are now converted and the error values are automatically replaced with a blank.
  • Hidden columns are identified.
  • Even more improved error handling and many more!
Many tireless weekends of development and testing went into this version so I hope you will like it!
Thank you for your patience!