Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Major milestone - 500 users!

Just for the bragging rights...;-)

In a short 5 months time I surpassed 500 registered users! I have users from literally every continent (yeah, even from Antarctica) and from over 80 countries! I have users from some very large corporations to university students, from electrical engineers to GIS analysts!

Pretty neat!

Just a small sample of testimonials:

"I work with the ArcView GIS software where I routinely edit the attribute DBF tables of the shape files in Excel. I used to do this in Excel 2003 but I had to use a lot of workaround in Excel 2007 to make it work. I love that the SaveDBF add-in does not overwrite the original file and it is especially helpful that the add-in warns me if the attribute table does not satisfy the DBF standards. This was a big problem for me in Excel 2003. All in all the SaveDBF program is a marvelous tool that is a must-have for all GIS analysts if they have Office 2007 on their system."

Thomas (Hungary)

"Your Save DBF add-in literally saved my GIS course this autumn at <>. I teach GIS Applications for Earth and Environmental Scientists. Much of the course involves creating geo data bases of various map attributes (mineral assays, geologic structural measurements, precipitation values, geochemical analyses, etc.) then plotting and or contouring this data them in the ArcGIS-ArcMap platform. In the past we were able to directly convert Excel 2003 data files into the DBF format required by ArcMap. Our upgraded computers now carry Excel 2007 which no longer has that conversion functionality. Your add-in program was easy to install and works beautifully. Its error check function also helps students easily find and fix simple errors such as spaces in column headings or too many characters. I appreciate your generosity in sharing the program with us."

John (United States)

"Without the SaveDBF add-in, I would have had to reinvent a lot of IT processes to get around the elimination of saving to dbf in Excel 2007. The add-in was easy to install and the users have found it very easy to use."

Karen (United States)

"Saving data to DBF format is a must have when working with GIS systems such as ArcGIS. SaveDBF is an easy to use application that nicely overcomes new limitations in Excel when writing to DBFs."

Steven (Australia)

"SaveDBF played a critical role in my converting Excel 2007 files to dbase format for use in ArcView 9.0. Without SaveDBF, I was at a dead-end, with no option but to spend another 1K (which I don't have) for upgrading to Arcview 9.3, which reads Excel files directly. So SaveDBF saved me big bucks" It's a great product; easy to install and works flawlessly. Gyula has done a tremendous job in developing this product."

Anthony (Canada)

"I was very pleased with how quickly and easily I was able to get a fully working version of the software. This add-in will make life a lot easier with all of the GIS work I do!"

Adam (United States)

DOWNLOAD the latest version from HERE!.