Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Quick Note: SaveDBF add-in and Excel 2010

Some potential users asked me if the SaveDBF add-in is compatible with Excel 2010, the latest Excel version. I will be installing Excel 2010 in September on my machine and will thoroughly test it. However, several users reported that the add-in works with no problems at all in Excel 2010 on Windows 7. If you are one of those users with Excel 2010, please comment on your experience, things that might help other users decide to make the switch. I started losing count on the Excel versions people now are using all over the world...
UPDATE: a couple of users reported problems with Chinese characters on Excel 2010. Likely a code page issue that can be solved with the right database driver. Will investigate when I lay my hands on Excel 2010 in a few weeks...


ClaudioV said...


I'm using excel 2010 in spanish and wish to know if this demo version of savedbf works with my product.

A couple of questions:
- What are the limitations about this demo, if they exist?
- how this program file should be installed?
- this is english only or there are multiple languages from a list to select the appropiate one?


herms said...

I am running office2007 and when i run the dbf conversion, i keep getting errors not recognizing the cells saying something like must have a number in the begining of the title name....?