Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeah nice, but can your add-in deal with very large DBF files?

Of course it can. Mind you the maximum is 1,048,575 records...which is the limitation of the Excel 2007 worksheet.

Check out the YouTube video below.

Quite a few people are using the add-in with engineering applications (like SCADA) and with geographic information systems (ArcInfo, ArcMap etc.).

I already have plans for an even more advanced version specially for engineers. Planned features will likely include:

  • ability to overwrite the original dbf file (of course a date stamped backup file would be created to ensure no loss of data)
  • ability to over-ride the add-in defined field sizes. The add-in is pretty good at defining the field types and sizes from the data, however engineering systems might require a pre-defined field size. So the add-in will make suggestions, a popup shows with the suggestions, user can over-ride or just click ok.
  • batch processing capabilities
  • even more improved error-handling capabilities

So what d'ya say? What's your fancy? Suggestions are welcome!!!

You can download the add-in on the right in the sidebar.

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Shawn H said...

The software works very well for us. I recommend it highly. Thank you!